The total delivery of Bestronics BV includes variety of sub processes which, in totality, offer you a full product.

The design of the PCB layout
Based on the circuit diagram the layout is designed, using a CAD system; complete with the associated plotfiles.

Guide proto- and pilot runs

After the design phase Bestronics BV develops a prototype which is meticulously tested. Any changes are  adjusted in the final design. Before actually starting the series-production, a pilot series of a few pieces can be run; to test the product in the market, or to check the production method for efficiency

Purchase components

Bestronics BV can take care of purchasing the total components package
Also we offer advise for using alternative components

Quality Control

Quality is of the utmost importance for Bestronics BV. The skilled and experienced staff see to this dilligently. The end checks are performed using set testing procedures; assembled PCBs will be tested and adjusted if necessary

In order to arrive at the delivery of a total product, the montage of housing can be incorporated in the project.

Production at Bestronics